Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oreo Truffles

My friend Inga inspired me to make these. She was telling me about an easy recipe to make truffles. I never did realise that truffles are the easiest candies to make. It only requires 3 ingredients..... the secret to making truffles is to use the best quality chocolate.

(I finally bought a new camera... the new Canon Powershot SD 1400. I am surprise by the quality of the pictures taken !)
One pack 8 oz Philadelphia cream cream
36 Oreo cookies
Two pack 8 oz baking chocolate

Toppings (optional)
Crushed nuts
Dutch cocoa powder

1. Crushed the Oreo cookies till fine. An easy way is to use blender or food processor. I had neither. So I crushed the cookies and sift them till they are fine
2. Combined the crushed Oreo and cream cheese till well mixed
3. Chilled for about 30 minutes
4. Rolled the mixture into small "meatballs"
5. Chilled overnight
6. Melt the baking chocolate and dipped the balls into the chocolates
7. Sprinkle with toppings (optional)
8. Chilled for at least 1 hour and serve


1 comment:

  1. omg the truffles look pretty,haha bet they taste awesome!!
    so baking this when june holiday rolls around ;D