Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is always fun in my family,,especially when it comes to FOOD. We always have abundance of delicious food... I always think that we could feed a platoon with the amount of food we cook each day :)

Some ( I have to stress "SOME".....) of the food we had for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner last night...

Roasted chicken.. This year we had 3.. I roasted one and my sister bought 2......

Stir fried leeks... always have this during Chinese New Year as "Leeks" sounds as "count" in Chinese dialect.. which literally meant counting money

Fried speciality.... the family loves this when I cook it

My favourite.. curry vegetables...

Chinese Meat Roll... we only made this once or twice each year as it is very time consuming. Took us 3 hours to roll 1 kg of meat

Roasted Goose.. my sister bought them this year

Prawns.. always a family favourite

Peng Cai... a Chinese Delicacy.. an earthen pot consisting of layers and layers of chinese delicacy such as abalone, prawns, fish maws etc.